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How it Works



Let's break it down into the key steps.


1. Design your ideal suit, using our design tool.  You can change as many or as few options as you want and you can even visualise those options on your completed design.

 Design Page



2. Give us your measurements. You can do this by following our instructions and measuring yourself, or you can visit one of our professional affiliates and get them to measure you.  If you can't be bothered with measurements, you can just tell us what size you normally wear and we'll do the rest.

Measurements page




3. We custom tailor your suit and deliver it direct to your door.

Suit Box



4. If you need any alterations done, our Fit Promise means that you can take the suit to any tailor of your choice (we can recommend some too) and Suit Junky will reimburse you the cost (see details)



Fit Promise sticker



5. Other customers will see your designs and when any of them buy your suit designs, we reward you with credits to spend! Learn more...