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Fit Promise



SUIT JUNKY operates a Fit Promise policy where if the customer is not satisfied with either the fit or quality of the items ordered from us, we will after inspection of the items, follow a strict policy of Repair/Alter, Replace and/or Refund depending on whichever remedy is the most appropriate.


Should Repairs and Alterations be required to the garment/suit after the customer has taken possession, the customer is entitled to take the garment to any affiliated SUIT JUNKY service provider, or any Professional Tailor/Alterations Company of the customer’s choice to perform the required alterations.  Where additional costs are incurred by Customer to perform the alterations, SUIT JUNKY will reimburse this amount to the Customer, up to a maximum value of GBP40.  


Any reimbursements paid to the Customer must be substantiated with the following:

  • Receipt for alterations work performed by the service provider, where the receipt clearly identifies the business name, business registration number, address and phone number.  Receipts supplied without these details will not be accepted as evidence of payment.

  • Completed Alterations Request form identifying the dimensions on the garment/suit that were adjusted by the Service Provider.


The Customer has up to 30 days upon receipt of the garment/suit to submit their claim to SUIT JUNKY for the reimbursement of any alterations claim.


SUIT JUNKY is not liable for any damage done to the garment/suit during the performing of any alterations to the garment/suit – and any damage incurred as such will render the Fit Promise Policy void.



Situations when customers are NOT eligible for the full Fit Promise include:


  • where a Customer has elected to purchase garment/suit using the standard pre-set measurements from Standard Size tables. Suit Junky are not able to guarantee a perfect fit as these are not your real measurements and Suit Junky can offer a limited Fit Promise for reimbursements for any repairs. As our garments are all bespoke garments, we are unable to accept any returns. For this reason we recommend that you use your own personal measurements even though it may take a little more time to do. 


Regardless SUIT JUNKY will always endeavour to help our customers resolve any problems in the fairest possible way, so please contact us on iif there's anything troubling you.