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What are credits?

Credits are like cash for SUIT JUNKY purchases.  

They can be spent on almost anything on SUIT JUNKY and it's as simple as applying them to your purchase at the checkout.


How do I get some?

There are several ways to earn credits:


1. Designing Great Suits

When you create a suit design, it becomes available in our suit store for other customers to buy.

When another customers buys one, we reward you with credits for creating such an awesome design!


2. Gift Cards

When you redeem a gift card, the value of the card is added to your credit account.

If the gift card is for a currency that is different to your account, it will be converted automatically to your currency when applied.


3. Rewards and Competitions

SUIT JUNKY may occasionally hold competitions where customers can win credits.

To make sure you're in the know for these competitions, just make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter.


How many credits do I get for selling a suit?

The current reward amount is: