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Wear it Well!

Suit posture


The Importance of Posture.

A quality made to measure suit makes every man who wears it look better; this ...

Buying guide for suits from Asia

A Well-Dressed Man Abroad – The Buying Guide For Suits In Asia.

Here is the setting: For rea ...

Brain food for the businessman

Brain food

Office Etiquette

Most people who work in an office environment will naturally pick up on office etiquette because it is just an extension of good manners. Office ...

Navigating The Pitfalls: Office Relationships

We may spend more time interacting with work colleagues than with family and friends. It's not surprising then, that offices are petri dishes for relationships. The proximity, the closeness imposed by people working toget ...

Suit of the Month

Slick, sexy and suave - this suit is perfect for the office but can be dressed up for something a little more formal by adding a waistcoat and a silver or grey tie. Grey is arguably the most versatile fabric for a suit and the orange lining gives this suit a punch and lets everyone know that you' ...